• Ursula Azure of the Ocean Rebirth

Our favorite heroes Sapphire, Elsa, and Aurora have returned in the same place, but at a different time yet they don't know why Elsa is confronted by herself from a past life that will change Elsa's life forever in a time where Ancients ruled the universe for hundreds of years. The two of the strongest Ancients Ursula Azure of the Ocean and Faith Azure of the Sky are the only ones left on the world that Sapphire, Elsa, and Aurora are still on, but where are Ursula Azure of the Ocean and Faith Azure of the Sky hiding they haven't been seen since for over hundreds of years to when they first came here. Sapphire, Elsa, and Aurora will face their greatest test they have ever faced Sapphire, Elsa, and Aurora will meet new friends and allies, but not all of their new friends and allies trust them especially Elsa for a commander named Reno. Reno remembers Elsa the pain and suffering she has caused for Reno and his sister Rose along with his most loyal friends Ventus and Karla as Sapphire and Aurora can't help, but believe Reno is mistaken Elsa for someone else cause they know. Elsa would never hurt anyone like that Elsa will face the toughest challenge of her life that she had forgotten, that's been buried deep within her heart not trusting herself anymore or her closest friends Sapphire and Aurora. This will also lead to who Ursula of the Azure of the Ocean and Faith Azure of the Sky really are what side will our favorite heroes Sapphire, Elsa, Aurora take will they fight together for the light or will they torn between the light and darkness or will Sapphire, Elsa, and Aurora all fight for the darkness together?

“There can be no victory without sacrifice” -Aurora

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Paperback 322
Publisher Independently published (April 24, 2019)
Language English

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Ursula Azure of the Ocean Rebirth

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