• Clash of the Ancients Redemption

The truth is out Elsa knows who she really is or how she came into being to be exact, Elsa is reunited with her old master Katara who trained Elsa to be the heroic fighter that she is, way before she met meant her friends to help save their world from the four legendary blades. Thanks to Faith Azure of the Sky she has brought back some old friends like Lighting, Skylar, Ashurii, and Hazel to help the remaining heroes stop Ursula Azure of the Ocean from destroying the world they all love. Lighting, Skylar, Ashurii, and Hazel reunite with Sapphire and Elsa other with the other remaining heroes Elsa is shocked to see her mother who raised her back again. Lighting is happy to see Elsa again, but Elsa remembers her mother abandoning them for the darkness Elsa is swept up in her old feelings wanting nothing to do with her mother Lighting. Ursula Azure of the Ocean has completed her dark force in hiding giving them power to finish off the remaining heroes before taking down her last sister Faith Azure of the Sky, one of the heroes Felicity finally reveals her dark past tearing herself apart losing the will to fight. The Dark Angels gang are fading fast still out for revenge they use their last resort to make the heroes like them with an all out war, when all hope seems lost the final piece of the puzzle is complete giving the heroes all the courage to finish this fight once and for all. All the secrets will be revealed the Ancient ones and the Four Legendary Blades connecting everything together, everything our heroes have fought for from between different times and different generations. It all comes down to this can our heroes stop the greatest threat this world has ever since or will history continue to repeat itself starting over and over again?

“Let's meet again in the next life” -Elsa

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Paperback 500
Publisher Independently published (August 20, 2020)
Language English

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Clash of the Ancients Redemption

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