• Chain of Lost Memories A Chain of Memories Story

19 years before Chain of Memories and 1000 years after Legends of the Ancients, the Ancient ones have found this new planet to explore, except there's no trace of of them, and their four most powerful weapons the shadow-blade, the twilight-blades, the rain-fell, and the legend-blade have found new owners among the people who live on this planet. Khan has gained control of the legendary shadow-blade and the curse mark of darkness left by Nightfall Azure of the Darkness, Sora the Wise, Kida, and Kairi are best of friends wandering their lands as kids. Until they are met with three mysterious blades that will change their lives forever Sora the Wise, Kida, and Kairi along with all their other friends must band together to stop a dangerous enemy named Khan, that Sora the Wise believes is the one who murdered his father many years ago, but things aren't what they seem. As Khan picks out people who have the most potential through the darkness, to help bring this world into the same darkness from where these legendary blades had come from. Wildfire is the only one who refuses to help Sora the Wise, Kida, and Kairi as he tries to escape his dark past that Sora the Wise already rescued him once before, Wildfire just wants to live in peace or so he thought he could. But are Sora the Wise, Kida, Kairi, and friends ready to pay the ultimate price their lives to protect the world's future heroes, or will they fail and history repeat itself with Sora a kid who was has a great destiny about him. Friendships, loyalty, and forbidden love in one another will be tested, and pushed to the limits that will bring this world as we know it to one of the greatest battles that it has ever seen that will cause a chain reaction that will decide the fate of the this world for the next thousand years

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Paperback 248 Pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 21, 2018)
Language English
ISBN 978-1984101488

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Chain of Lost Memories A Chain of Memories Story

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