• Chain of Forgotten Memories A Chain of Broken Memories Story

20 years after Chain of Broken Memories and 80 years before Chain of Faded Memories the shadow-blade, the twilight-blades, and the rainfell have survived with Kiara's heart lost to the darkness Jaina and Ezra leave the rest of the other heroes after Jaina believes Kiara is still alive which will lead Jaina down a path that she can never come back from. Jaina's life will never be the same whether it's losing to the light or finally defeating the darkness. Rey, Revan, and Serenity train their children with the help of a very unexpected guest to track down Night Shade who also has a secret daughter with Nova before she was destroyed, her name is Celica who follows in Night Shade's foot steps. Organization VII are back, but something is different they can no longer feel anything or remember their names they're not alive nor are they dead yet the past doesn't matter only now, they do remember one thing and that's revenge against the ones who are descents of Sora, Riku, and Angel who killed them before. Merida, Ryo, Endurance, Alkaid, Ariana, Axel, Kite, and Ariel with the help of their parents Ezra, Jaina, Revan, Rey, and Serenity will fight the greatest battle of their lives to destroy the legendary blades once and for all to prove what's really stronger the light or the darkness.

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Paperback 370 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 3, 2017)
Language English
ISBN 978-1974270125

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Chain of Forgotten Memories A Chain of Broken Memories Story

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